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Jump Start Your Job Search in CR & Waterloo

Posted on: October 21st, 2014

What is the first step to finding a job?  Getting started!  Letting fear of resumes, networking and applications stand in the way of starting the job search will only add stress and slow down the process. Premier Staffing wants to motivate, encourage, and help job seekers throughout the entire process.  Getting started is the first step.  Allow the tips below to serve a guide to getting back on the job search train, and on track to employment.

Create a Resume and LinkedIn Profile

Resumes allow employers to learn more about the individuals applying for a position.  Most employers, however spend just seconds viewing each resume before deciding to proceed or not with the employee.  That being said, resumes are short, precise and very important!

Resumes should include details and information about:

  • Education

  • Previous work experience

  • Talents and skills that relate to the job

  • Volunteer experience

No previous work experience?  Include additional information about skills, volunteer positions, or clubs you have been a part of.

LinkedIn is not only a great networking tool, but gives job seekers an online presence.  Having an online presence in an increasingly digital world is crucial.  Similar to a resume, LinkedIn allows you to display your education, experience, and skills to employers.

Network and Spread the Word

When you’re job searching, let others know.  According to Careershifters.com, approximately 70% of jobs are never advertised publically.  Don’t miss out on all of those great jobs! Use your network to learn about positions and openings.  Also, let family, friends, and past colleagues know you are searching.

Social Media is another great tool job seekers can use to build a network.  LinkedIn allows job seekers to connect with individuals or companies within a certain industry.  Twitter is full of job search resources, professionals offering advice, and job postings.

Connecting with professionals and industry leaders on social media is another great way to network and learn more about a specific realm of work.

Apply for the Correct Positions

Avoid wasting valuable time applying for jobs you are under- or over-qualified for.  Write down what you like, what you’re good at, and consider your experience when applying for positions.

Additionally, focus on your skills and talents when applying for positions.  Apply for positions you will succeed in and enjoy.  You’ll find you have more enthusiasm and motivation when applying and interviewing a job that is better suited for you.

Contact Premier Staffing

Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo exists to help you as a job seeker and is known for exceptional customer service.  Our dedicated team of professional associates are equipped to give the best staffing solutions to anyone who comes through our doors.  With our without a resume or experience, visit Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids to fill out an application.  Across a variety of industries, Premier Staffing in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids have a variety of job opportunities waiting to be filled.

For more information about job searching, or to begin working with Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids, please call our office at (319) 730-3890 or stop by our office at 1905 N Center Point Rd. in Hiawatha.

If you are located near Waterloo and searching for work, please call (319) 505-2733 or visit our Premier Staffing Waterloo office located at 2809 University Ave.