Posted on: June 12th, 2015

Companies use staffing firms to ease the time and money spent searching for great hires.  There are many benefits to working with staffing firms. Working with a staffing firm saves companies time and money. But, also involves less risk and allows companies to get to know potential hires. Staffing agencies work well for temporary and seasonal hiring.  Continue reading to learn more about how companies benefit by hiring a staffing agency.

Saves Valuable Time and Money

By hiring a staffing agency, companies save money and eliminate the need for in-house recruiting.  This not only saves money, but valuable time reviewing applicants, doing background checks, and drug screens.  Staffing agencies take care of those aspects of hiring for companies.  This allows for companies and their current employers to eliminate the need for in house recruiting and focus on the profitable work at hand.

Staffing Agency Involves Less Risk in Hiring Employees

Hiring temporary workers through a staffing agency allows companies to evaluate the work ethic and skills of an employee before choosing to hire full-time.  Hiring temporary positions takes the risk out of hiring by allowing companies to get to know the workers.  If a temporary employee has proven their value to a company, a full-time offer can be made without the risk of that employee not being right for the company or job.  Other companies may use temporary hires to fill positions while searching for the correct full-time hire.

All of these variables make hiring a staffing firm, such as Premier Staffing, a great option for companies interested in taking the risk out of hiring full-time employees right away.  Another great benefit of working with Premier Staffing includes a no buy out fee if a company chooses to hire an employee full time on their payroll.  Premier also does not require a minimum number of days or hours that an associate should work before the company chooses to hire.  Again taking the risk out of using a staffing agency, like Premier Staffing.

Works Well for Seasonal and Temporary Positions

For companies who experience exponential growth based on the season or need to fill positions quickly due to rapid temporary growth, staffing agencies work best. Staffing agencies are able to find companies temporary hires, and take the work out of hiring for that company.  For companies looking to hire a large number of employees, temporarily, staffing agencies are a great option.


Hiring temporary employees from a staffing agency is affordable. When working with a staffing agency, employees hired technically work for the agency, not the company. So, insurance and benefits are provided by the agency.  The staffing agency bears the financial burdens involved in recruiting, hiring workers, paying employees, unemployment, and workers’ compensation insurance, and any benefits the agency may choose to offer.  This is a huge benefit to employees who want to avoid the above expenses and fill positions quickly.

Allows Flexibility in the Workplace

Because staffing agencies provide quick staffing solutions it allows your business to support growth and decrease in a flexible manner.  If a business experiences temporary growth, staffing firms can temporarily fill positions to help companies avoid hiring full-time positions.

Can your company benefit from hiring a temporary staffing agency? contact Premier Staffing Agency in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids today.  Premier Staffing can provide the above benefits to your company while saving you time and money.  Visit one of our two locations or call (319) 730-3890 (Cedar Rapids) or (319) 505-2733 (Waterloo).