Posted on: November 16th, 2020

When you start to pine for more than a job—work that is more fulfilling—it’s time to start thinking about your career. How can you be more excited about your work? What do you need to do to advance your career and enhance your paycheck? Here are four tips to kickstart your career that will help you understand what qualities employers crave in the employees they hire and promote.

Be a Self-Starter

Who do employers seek and promote? They appreciate workers who show an ability to take on projects without a lot of guidance. An attitude of “Let’s do this!” goes a long way to improve how your boss views you. Plus, it boosts the morale of other workers around you. Be positive and take the initiative. Embrace change rather than complaining about it. These are simple shifts you can make to improve your career prospects!

In addition, when your boss asks you to take on something new and unfamiliar, accept the challenge and put your best effort into it. Chances are good your good attitude and initiative will get noticed. It will set you apart from others who whine about additional responsibility and change. 

Being a self-starter will not only get you noticed, but it could also help you get a promotion or recommendation for a different job. It shows leadership—a quality that will take you far in your career!

Find Solutions to Problems

Problem solvers are sought after in nearly every industry, so when you go about your daily tasks at work, pay attention. Observe problems and listen to your boss when he or she explains what you can do better. Take that information and feedback and think about how you can solve any problems or issues in your work or at the company. For example, if your boss notes something during your review, even if it seems minor, make it a point to work on that issue. Track your progress so you can note your efforts to your boss.

Build Your Skills

Moving up a notch in your career will likely require new and improved skill sets. Look at the career path you want to pursue and note the skills that are listed in job listings for that career. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — communication is one key soft skill that anyone seeking to improve their career should possess. Good communicators stand out!

Your current employer may provide opportunities for training. Ask them what is available. Consider taking online classes at a community college or through an online service such as Udemy. If you want to improve your writing skills, it isn’t too late! If your career path might include making presentations, check into classes in speaking, and developing visual presentations.

The library offers thousands of great resources to answer many of your career questions and find ways to build your skills. The librarians may be able to point you to free resources to learn some skills, let alone read about the career you have in mind.

Still not sure how to proceed? Ask someone within your chosen career path. Connect with them via LinkedIn and start a conversation about how they got to this point in their career. Ask a friend if they know anyone in your chosen industry. Let them know how you’d like your career to look and see if they have any advice. These connections can go a long way to providing insight into that career and how you can achieve your goals.

Set Carrer Goals

Many of the world’s most successful people will tell you how important it is to set goals for your career and life. How long would you like your next career move to take? How can you gain the experience and skills you need to achieve that goal? Where can you seek more information? Setting goals and making a plan to reach it, step by step, will allow you to be thoughtful and deliberate in improving your career.

To make this easier, there is a treasure trove of apps to help with goal setting. You can also go old school and write them down using pen and paper. We recommend that you research the apps before you download them to learn more about their approach and of course, any subscription costs for premium features. Some goal-setting apps include coaching and motivation tools and ways to take notes and journal about your experiences. This could really help you wrap your mind around what you need to do to get ahead in your career!

At Premier Staffing, we may be able to guide you in temporary positions that can align with your current skill set and enhance your experience level. Please contact us to learn more about promising industries and careers here in Eastern Iowa. And good luck with taking the next steps to kickstart your career!