Posted on: January 15th, 2015

As the saying goes– New year, new you.  Right?

If 2014 left you stressed about finding work now is the perfect time to regain motivation and kick off the New Year with a new and improved job search strategy.

Start the New Year right by implementing these job search tips that are sure to help you get hired and back to work in 2015. Whether it’s working with a professional staffing agency such as Premier Staffing in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids or reaching out to old and new contacts, you’re sure to see progress when you implement all or any of these job search New Year’s resolutions.

1. Dedicate Time to Job Search Efforts Daily

If you’re currently unemployed, job searching should presume the role of a full-time job.  Take time each day to improve your job search, apply, interview, and seek new opportunities.  The more work you put in each day, the sooner you will be back to work.

If you’re working part-time, but still seeking employment, dedicate a specific time each day to job searching efforts.  Results will reflect the amount of time spent finding new work.

2. Have a Prominent and Respectable Presence Online   

In 2015, it’s crucial to have at least somewhat of a presence online.  That doesn’t mean you’ll need to join every social network available, but joining a couple is important when employers need to learn more about you.

LinkedIn, especially, is a great social network dedicated to professionals that allows individuals to showcase work experience, skills, and education online.  LinkedIn is also a great tool to implement into your job search.  Many companies post jobs on LinkedIn or recruit through their social network. Get started on LinkedIn by creating or completing a profile, connecting with others in a desired industry, and joining groups or networks.

Facebook and Twitter, although great for connecting with others, can be detrimental to those looking for work if not used properly.  Always remember to post respectable, appropriate content to your Facebook and Twitter account to ensure that the wrong material doesn’t surface when employers search you on these networks.

3. Make New Connections and Reach Out to Past Connections

While you are job searching, make sure to let others know that you are doing so.  By letting family, friends, and old co-workers know you’re job searching, a whole new avenue of potential jobs opens up.  Today, many jobs are found through connections and networks, making your relationships and connections with others very important!

For example, if you haven’t talked to your first boss or college mentor in a few years, send an email, pick up the phone, or connect on LinkedIn to let others know you’re looking for something new.

4. Visit and Build a Relationship with a Professional Staffing Agency

Another great way to kick-start your job search in 2015 is to work with a professional staffing agency. Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo is a professional staffing agency that helps individuals find temporary and long-term work.

Premier Staffing is dedicated to finding a job that is right for you.  So, building a relationship with Premier Staffing is not only a smart move, but it’s also a great way to get things rolling in 2015.  Premier Staffing will continue to hire great workers for great companies so long as opportunities exist.

Not sure how to get started with a professional staffing agency? It’s as easy as visiting or calling a Premier Staffing office.

Cedar Rapids office: (319) 730- 3890, Visit us at 1905 N Center Point Rd. Hiawatha, IA 52233

Waterloo office: (319) 505-2733, Visit us at 2809 University Ave. Waterloo, IA 50701

5. Be Flexible, Dedicated and Persistent

Finally, remember that job searching can be discouraging and difficult at times.  However, rewarding once you’ve found the right position.  Remaining dedicated and persistent throughout your job search will keep you on track until you’ve found the right position.  In the mean time, be flexible with your schedule, others and the type of work available. You never know what may turn out to be a career defining opportunity.