Posted on: April 25th, 2018

cedar rapids

Located in Eastern Iowa Cedar Rapids hovers almost exactly halfway between Iowa’s Northern and Southern border. As the second most populated city in the state Cedar Rapids resembles the typical Iowa river-town. Those who seek a laid-back community setting with plenty of activities and amenities available prefer to settle down in Cedar Rapids.

It’s arguably one of Iowa’s best cities to work, raise a family, and send children to school in. Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids is dedicated to helping community members find good work and good companies in the area. Economic and community development efforts, great jobs, and exceptional education, arts, and culture contribute all contribute to Cedar Rapid’s livable qualities.

Economic and Community Development

The most prevalent opportunities available to the workforce in and around Cedar Rapids are food/bio, life sciences, logistics/distribution, finance/insurance/retail, manufacturing, entrepreneurship and business services, and retail. Because of the steady growth, CR has experienced for many years, there has been a commensurate increase in job opportunities for those looking for their first job, a lateral move, a vertical move, and anything in between.

Cedar Rapids communities continue to expand and develop new attractions for area residents. Core districts of the city include Downtown & Kingston, MedQuarter Regional Medical District, and Czech Village/NewBo Main Street. Downtown & Kingston feature a variety of dining and shopping options, a vibrant arts and culture community, and exciting nightlife. MedQ is an ongoing neighborhood planning initiative that aims to create a medical care destination in CR.

The Czech Village/New Bohemia District was formed in 2009 and has continued to experience incredible growth. This district is home to cultural attractions, food & beverage hot-spots, furniture and home stores, health & beauty destinations, community organizations, photography & art studios, professional services, and a wide variety of boutique and specialty stores. As you can see from this brief list, there are plenty of amenities to discover around the city.

Jobs in Cedar Rapids

CR is home to the area’s largest employers, which makes for an abundance of job opportunities. Aviation tech giant Rockwell Collins, Mercy Medical Center, St. Luke’s Hospital, Great America Financial Services, Nordstrom Direct, Quaker Foods & Snacks, Alliant Energy, and Transamerica Insurance Investments & Retirement are some of the most recognizable names.

Premier Staffing is a professional staffing agency in Cedar Rapids that helps community members find work in a variety of industries. Clerical, light industrial, cleaning positions, and more opportunities that allow individuals temporarily out of work find a great job with the potential of landing full-time employment.

Premier Staffing is dedicated to helping community members find work and take pride in excellent customer service efforts.

Cedar Rapids is a Livable Community

“The arts, nightlife, sports, and recreation are all part of life in CR a city with 74 parks, four golf courses, and six swimming pools. Cedar River straddles the community, and 12 distinct neighborhoods give homeowners a variety of buying options.” –

Cedar Rapids scores an overall 92.6 for the cost of living index, making it a highly affordable place to live. The city ranks 81/100 for housing, utilities 98/100, grocery 94.3/100, and a 99/100 for health. The city also has an extremely low unemployment rate of 3.8%. Affordable housing, accessible health care, plentiful job opportunities, and attractive entertainment options make Cedar Rapids a livable community by many standards.

Great Place to Grow Old

The quality health care services that can be found throughout the city make this one of the best places to grow old. Whether it’s specialty care physicians, housing that accommodates a wide range of needs, or recreational activities that keep older residents moving, Cedar Rapids has multiple choices for each need. There are also a variety of organizations and establishments that have claimed older demographics as their niche.

To learn more about work available in Cedar Rapids, contact Premier Staffing at (319) 730-3890 or stop by our office located at 1905 Center Point Rd. For more information about living in the City of Cedar Rapids, visit the City’s website.