Posted on: March 30th, 2015

Every day, large corporations and companies seek the help of staffing agencies to find quality employees.  Many years ago, these jobs were low-paying, less glamorous of the industry.  However, today many top Fortune 500 companies seek the help of staffing agencies to fill positions.

Premier Staffing Agency in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo works with excellent companies and job seekers to fill positions throughout Eastern Iowa.  Individuals skeptical of working with a staffing agency can rest easy, knowing Premier Staffing works to provide great jobs, for great people, at great companies.

Myth 1: The staffing agency will charge me once I’ve begun working.

Avoid working with a staffing agency that charges you as the employee to get hired.  Reliable, professional staffing agencies do not take a cut from employees’ wages or salaries. In most cases, staffing agencies partner with employers to fill positions, and the employer pays for the service. Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo does not charge employees once they have been hired.  We work hard each and every day at Premier Staffing to ensure employees hired work great jobs and make money.  We want employees hired in Eastern Iowa to keep every hard-earned dollar!

Myth 2: Jobs available at staffing agencies are not “real” jobs.

Did you know companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Visa use staffing agencies to find great employees? Positions filled by staffing agencies are, in fact, real jobs.  Staffing agencies hire in a variety of industries and positions including entry-level to administrative positions.

Some may feel that temporary jobs acquired through a staffing agency will not look good or professional on a resume.  Many employers, however, not only respect the ability to avoid gaps in work history but appreciate the work ethic and varied skill set of temporary or seasonal workers.  Jobs acquired through staffing agencies allow employees to utilize and acquire new jobs skills.

Myth 3: Staffing agencies have low-paying jobs, I won’t be interested in.

The employer, type of position, and industry of a specific job ultimately determine wage. However, most staffing agencies are able to offer jobs with competitive salaries and wages for all employees.  Premier Staffing is dedicated to providing Eastern Iowan employees the best positions possible.

Myth 4: Staffing agencies only work with entry-level candidates.

Positions available through staffing agencies range from entry-level to administrative, varying across industries.  Employees with a variety of skill sets should feel encouraged to apply with a staffing agency such as Premier Staffing.

Myth 5: Assignments offered by staffing agencies only last a couple of weeks.

Depending on the company and type of work individuals are assigned to, jobs could last anywhere from a week to several years.  It’s true! Temporary positions are filled based on need, as long as work is needed, companies will continue to hire.  Many situations turn to full-time if the need exists.   In situations where the work only lasts short-term, employees can still benefit from expanding their network, gaining experience in a variety of industries, and potentially having the opportunity to be hired full-time.  Short assignment work allows workers to experience different industries, gain a variety of skills, and learn about the type of work he/she enjoys doing.