wrong hire
Posted on: October 25th, 2017

wrong hire

Growth Strategy

Efficiency and productivity is the key to achieving growth within any given industry. Businesses must also avoid frivolous spending habits but growth strategies are of utmost importance. In order to maximize overall productivity, you must prioritize tasks for each department to ensure each employee is maximizing their own productivity. This means you operate within set parameters and not deviating or taking on more than necessary.

Cost of a Wrong Hire

Businesses that are understaffed often shift responsibilities to various employees, creating an unnecessary bourdon and slowing overall production of said employees. Aside from the obvious pitfalls of hiring the wrong employees, current employees may view a hiring manager’s choice as a lapse in judgment and have less trust in them.

Once a hiring manager has lost the trust of current employees it will be tough to make a future hire without employees being extremely critical. When looking to make a new hire always remember you’re looking for a long-term solution to your current problem, so don’t make a hiring mistake by rushing a decision in response to current stresses.

Desperation when hiring employees leads to an underqualified workforce. Hiring in this manner erodes productivity but is costing business training expenses and extra time to get individuals caught up on processes and procedures. Premier staffing allows you to avoid these costly situations by attracting qualified individuals to your opening, and drastically eliminating position vacancy times. An effective hiring process is grueling and lengthy, taking vast amounts of time to find people you may hire. If you’re in a position that you feel requires you to hire an individual as soon as possible it is likely you’re hiring an individual that doesn’t meet your standards, thus forcing you to settle for mediocrity or worse. The process of scouting, interviewing, evaluating, and hiring should be grueling, ensuring you’re making the most informed decision possible.

Hiring Quality Employees

Make no mistake, hiring a large number of employees won’t make your business more productive. However, hiring the highest quality employees that are rock stars is the proven way to increase productivity. Not only do you run the risk of underproduction when hiring the wrong employees, but you are also potentially tainting your current employees with bad habits. Productive employees breed a culture of productivity no matter the circumstances, however, when you add indifferent employees that simply meet the status quo you’re creating a contagious atmosphere.

Employees are likely to mirror the behavior of those who contribute the least, yet are compensated regardless. Hiring a qualified and driven individual means you incentivize your existing team. Avoiding disgruntled employees is highly important when you know you already have the right people in place. Creating a culture of positivity, achievement, and work ethic are certainly results you can expect when working with a staffing agency.

Making the Wrong Hire of a Toxic Employee

If you’re a small business, a toxic employee can reduce employee productivity exponentially. Everyone has their own roll which means there is not enough time to provide extensive training. This means the new hire must be able to familiarize themselves with your business quickly. Seeking out employees that motivate others is tough for any business. Especially if there are other operations to keep tabs on, which is why employers turn to Premier Staffing.

We’re the only staffing company that ensures your new hires are the best fit for your company. It’s easy to see the night and day difference between a new hire that is a go-getter and a great fit. Or, someone who doesn’t particularly thrive in the new environment they find themselves in. A poor outlook and attitude are easily detectable and highly contagious. Working with a staffing agency to find an individual will help reduce the odds of hiring an individual that chronically deteriorates the culture you’ve worked so hard to create.

Making a Good Hire, Not a Wrong Hire

Taking into account all the factors that precede hiring a new employee, you must be certain you’ll be getting more out of your employees than you’re putting in. This may not happen right away as there is generally a warming period, which is a time when the new employee must quickly familiarize themselves and start working to become part of the team. Do not feel bad about knowing where your “break-even point” is. You are keeping your bottom-line in mind. There are obvious costs associated with making a new hire. Therefore, you must know how much you’ll need to invest to get a new employee up to and running. Or, if that’s even a viable option.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Working with a reputable staffing agency helps to protect businesses’ bottom-line. For example, small businesses that have a tendency to run fairly lean. A staffing agency such as Premier Staffing helps ease the stresses associated with hiring new employees. Premier has years of experience helping businesses find the help they need, transforming them into productive and happy employees. A recruiter will have a vast network of potential applicants to rely on. Therefore, giving you an immediate response to your hiring need.

If your business is strapped for time and you aren’t able to go above and beyond to find the exact person you need, an experienced recruiter can step in and get to work for you. This is a simple task delegation. One of the most valuable aspects of working with a recruiter is the pipeline of candidates you can create. A base of qualified applicants will be retained in case a position is suddenly vacated. Let Premier Staffing handles the background checks, drug screening, comprehensive interview process, job advertising, and more.

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