Posted on: October 9th, 2015

Finding jobs at a  great company to work for in Waterloo or Cedar Rapids can be tough. But, by working with Premier Staffing, you can find temporary work with a great company in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids easily.

How does staffing agency work?

Staffing agencies, such as Premier Staffing, connect and work with growing companies in the local community when companies are in need of staffing.  From there, staffing agencies assess company needs and take over the hiring process.

Staffing agencies seek qualified, reliable employees and hire them to work for these companies on behalf of the agency while business is in flux.

Why work for a temporary job?

While job searching, deciding to pursue a temporary job is a great decision. Individuals who work in temporary positions are able to learn more about a certain industry, make connections, and earn a paycheck without a long-term commitment.

Working a temporary job is a great option while in between full-time positions or as a transition position in a full-time off-season.

Finding Jobs that are Available 

Premier Staffing works with a variety of companies in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids that need quality, reliable employees.

Light industrial, clerical, and factory workers are among the positions that Premier Staffing fills in Waterloo. Premier Staffing also fills seasonal and contract positions. When you apply to work with Premier Staffing, in Cedar Rapids (I would remove “in Cedar Rapids”) a professional staffing agent will place you in a position that is specifically suited for you.  We take into consideration experience and skills and place individuals in jobs in which they will find success.

How do I apply?

Applying to work with Premier Staffing is as easy as stopping by our office in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo.  We will help you through our (Take out “the”) entire process of applying and hope to find you a great position.  You can call us or stop by an office today for more information.

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