Posted on: April 8th, 2015


Build A Network

From executives to co-workers, working a temporary job is a great way for employees to broaden their network.  Whether it is professionals in the same or different industry, getting to know others is an indispensable career-building skill.

Psychological Benefits

Unemployment can bring a wave of disappointment and even depression.  Don’t let a difficult job search discourage you from reaching goals.  Visit a staffing agency, like Premier Staffing Agency in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, to apply for a number of jobs at one time.  Staffing agents want to help job seekers find temporary work that will get them out of a jobless rut and back into the working world as a motivated, encouraged employee.  Whether the job is two weeks, or two months, getting back to work can have great psychological benefits.

Temporary Can Become Permanent

Simply because a job begins as temporary, does not mean that it can’t become a long-term position.  In fact, many technically temporary positions today last several months.  Determining the need for a company hiring, positions are filled accordingly.  If employees are a good fit at a company and do a good job, that company may choose to rehire temporary employees next time they are needed for temporary work or hire temporary employees to stay full-time.

Continue On a Career Path

Companies value employees who drive and motivate.  Gaps in work on a resume may appear as though the employee did not actively seek work, or wasn’t motivated to job search.  Even if a temporary position is not in the specific field or industry that an employee wishes, future employers will appreciate their willingness to work and stay employed.  Regardless of the type of work, working a temporary job is a building block to any employee’s career.

Gain Hands-On Experience

If employees need more experience in their desired career field before securing a full-time position, temporary positions are a great way to do so.  Employees train and learn a variety of hands-on experience in temporary positions.  Most importantly, employees are able to build their resume and skill set in temporary jobs to make them valuable assets to that company or another company in the future.

Create Trust With Executives

Top companies hire individuals they know and trust for top positions.  Working a temporary position can allow employees to get to know executives and individuals with hiring power within a company.  When positions open up, those executives already know whether the employee is trustworthy and right for the job.

Learn New Skills

Employees in temporary positions train and learn a variety of skills. From technical to broad business skills, working a temporary job is a great way for employees to explore different industries and types of work.  Learning new skills allow temporary employees to build a resume, ultimately making them more marketable in the job market.

Make Money

Temporary positions are a great way to earn income between full-time employment opportunities.  Ideal or not, temporary positions can jumpstart a full-time job search, lead to full-time positions, and help employees pay the bills between full-time jobs.

Premier Staffing Agency is a professional temporary staffing agency in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo.  If you are in need of a temporary job in Waterloo or Cedar Rapids, contact Premier Staffing today.  You can connect with Premier Staffing online or call an office at 319-730-3890  (Cedar Rapids) or 319-505-2733  (Waterloo.)