Posted on: August 14th, 2015

If working with a staffing agency such as Premier Staffing fits your hiring model, there are ways to help make the most of the process. By communicating clearly and trusting your staffing agency, you can work towards hiring the best employees. By working with a reputable staffing agency like Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, and being honest about your needs and wants you will see the best results.

Communicate Clearly

Communication is a key aspect to successfully working with a staffing agency. When a company outsources staffing needs to an agency, they rely on the staffing agency to hire qualified and quality individuals. To do so, staffing agencies must understand the company’s culture, habits, and needs to help make the best hiring decision.

Companies must be clear and thorough in communication with their staffing agency to ensure recruiters are informed and knowledgeable on the exact type of employee needed for a specific job. Companies should outline the job description and requirements very specifically so a recruiter at the staffing agency knows the exact skills or talents necessary for the job.  Having a specific outline of needs and details of a job will help the staffing agency understand your company and the type of employee best for you.

At Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, we spend lengths of time with clients and employees to create a successful match and deliver the most qualified workers to our customers. We understand the importance of communicating clearly and effectively with our clients and do so on a daily basis.

Trust Your Staffing Agency as Your Partner

Many staffing agencies guarantee their hires, ensuring they are a good fit.  If a new hire does not fit the job description or culture of your company, many staffing agencies will find another employee who will at no cost. Because of this, staffing agencies only benefit or make money when companies are satisfied with hires. This allows you to trust that a staffing agency will provide the best match for the job.

Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo works with companies in a variety of industries and understands the needs and wants of different companies. You can rest easy with Premier Staffing, knowing your staffing needs are in the hands of professionals. We do our best to place employees we know will succeed in a position in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Work With A Reputable Agency

Always work with a company with experience staffing in your industry or a similar industry. Ask around, make connections, and meet with a number of recruiters before making a decision to work with a staffing agency.

At Premier Staffing we place employees in a variety of industries at companies throughout Eastern Iowa. We take pride in being known for exceptional customer service and satisfaction. At Premier Staffing, recruiters work around the clock, opening our doors as early as 6:30 am, to ensure jobs are filled on a daily basis.

Ask Questions and Be Honest

As an employer, be honest and transparent with your staffing agency. For best results, let your recruiter know exactly what you are or are not happy with throughout the process. Being honest and open only helps the staffing agency get to know your company and needs more specifically to help them hire more accurate employees in the future. If you are unhappy with a temporary hire, let your staffing agency know so they can find a replacement.

If you are unsure about the process or have questions, ask. Staffing agencies are prepared to answer client questions and should always be able to.  If your agency is unable to answer your questions about hiring, it may be time to look into a news agency.  Premier Staffing’s staff of professional recruiters knows how important employees are to the success of a company and do their best to answer all questions and hesitations that a company may have.

If your Eastern Iowa company is looking to fill staffing needs, contact Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo.  You can call or stop by one of our offices at any time to discuss working together with a professional staffing associate.

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