Posted on: August 27th, 2014
You’ve got a lot on your plate. As an HR professional, you attract, recruit, train, and retain the best employees for your company. You must be sure the “fit” between people and position is just right.

You complete the proper paperwork with all the I’s dotted and the t’s crossed. You go above and beyond to make sure your new hires feel welcome and a part of the team. Hiring is a long process, but when done right, pays huge dividends in the long run. But what about when you need temporary or seasonal workers? What if you have a special one-time project? Do you really have the time to recruit and interview and do the lengthy paperwork necessary for short-term staffing? Can your company afford the time to properly train a new person for temporary work?

Proudly Serving as the Best Temporary Staffing Agency in Cedar Rapids

Premier Staffing, a temporary staffing agency in Cedar Rapids, takes the guess work out of temporary staffing. We save you time and money and stress. Temporary workers can fill a gap, offer special training and skills, and help you meet your immediate business goals. When companies in Eastern Iowa need a high-quality temporary employee, they call our friendly customer service specialists for help. Our office opens at 6:30a.m. and we’re prepared to help you at a moment’s notice. 

As a temporary staffing agency in Cedar Rapids, we handle all the details for you. Whether you need short-term or long-term employees, Premier Staffing will easily and quickly match the right people for your job. There’s no commitment to hire temporary workers. You pay only for the hours they work. At Premier Staffing, we select only reliable, hard-working, and skilled individuals.

Our dedicated staffing experts know our business is only as good as our employees. Our temporary workers are our representatives in the community. We conduct in-depth interviews, do background checks, and hire people with avariety of skill sets, including clerical, industrial, and management staff. Let Premier Staffing help you bridge your staffing needs and save you time. Our temporary workers are fantastic. You’ll appreciate the work they do and may even find they’re a great permanent fit for your company.