How to Nail Your Second Job Interview
Posted on: December 22nd, 2020

When you get through the first interview and get the call you’ve been waiting for—the one for the second interview—be ready to impress the people you meet with! The second interview can be more in-depth, involve more people, and allow you to make a great final impression before you get a job offer. To put it simply, you want to prepare, be on time, show an interest in the company and job and follow up the interview with a nice thank you message. Check out these tips to nail your second interview now!


Doing well in your second interview with a company will require some preparation to show that you are the best candidate for the job. Our tips for interview preparation will help. 

You also want to review your notes from the first interview. Did you answer all of their questions? Have you learned anything new that you could emphasize in the second interview? Think about all the skills and experiences that got you this second interview, and prepare to leverage them as you talk about your capabilities.

Next, get your paperwork in order. If the employer asked you to fill out any additional forms, complete those in advance. Gather up your references and put them on paper, just in case you are asked for them. You may also be asked for additional resumes, especially if you are meeting with a group for this interview. Bring several copies of your resume to hand out if you meet in person. If you need to review resume dos and don’ts, see our section on resumes and cover letters. 

Practice makes perfect, so practice answering interview questions. Think about what they will want to know in addition to what you shared in the first interview. If there were parts of the first interview you want to revisit because you didn’t like the way your answer came out, think of how you can restate that in this second interview. Ask friends and family about the toughest questions they were asked in their interviews and practice answering those questions with them. Highlight your experience and skills.

If you have the opportunity to ask the employer who you will be meeting with, that may be good for you to know in advance. You may also want to ask if they need you to prepare anything else in advance of the interview.

The time you take to prepare will not only help you nail your second interview, but it will also make you feel more prepared and more relaxed.

Look Sharp & Be On Time

Whether you’re meeting the employer in person or via zoom, be sure to dress for the position and show up or call in at the right time. If you aren’t sure how long it takes to get to their physical location, look it up and consider traffic as you plan how much time you need to get there and park. 

Be Interested in the Company

Why do you want to work for this company? It’s an important question to ask yourself as you prepare for a second interview. Get ready to ask intelligent questions about the company and its culture as well as the job you’re interviewing for.

Consider some workstyle questions as you research the company. How do you fit into the company? Through your questions of the interviewers, you can dig deeper into the company culture. Is it a flexible work environment, or is there a rigid regimen? Did you find anything on the company website that you want to learn more about, like an employee volunteer program?

Listening is also part of making a good impression. Think of it as a conversation if you can. Listen attentively to what they say about the company and any benefits. Clarify when necessary and take notes as needed. 

Ask for the Job

Be ready to ask for the job or answer the burning question, “Why should our company hire you?” It will likely help you to practice answering this question with friends and family to try out your persuasive skills. How can you do what no one else can do? Do you have more experience? What experiences have prepared you for this job?

Write a Thank You Note

If everything appears equal to the employer between you and other applicants, you can give yourself an edge by writing a thank you note. Whether it’s through email, a notecard, or a follow-up letter, write a thank you note to the main interviewers as soon as you possibly can. 

In a competitive job environment, you could really stand out by writing and sending thank you notes. Be sure to remind the interviewers how you feel you fit in and that you would be honored to work for their company. A little flattery goes a long way! Keep it short and simple, and make sure you get all the details correct. Sign it, seal it, and deliver it with a positive attitude. If you don’t have time for a note or a letter, send off a sincerely grateful and professional email. It is sure to make an impression.

Take the time to do everything you can to prepare for a second interview, and soon, you will be getting a job offer. Good luck with your second interview!