Posted on: April 10th, 2020

In this day and age, it is common to have a digital footprint personally, but it is also important to have a digital presence professionally. Making a great first impression online is important to catch a hiring manager’s interest. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 35% of employers are less likely to interview someone if they can’t find them online. 

LinkedIn comes in handy in this situation if you are not interested in having or maintaining other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Premier is encouraging people to leave LinkedIn for your professional life. Therefore, LinkedIn is not a platform for personal pictures or content. 

On LinkedIn it is beneficial to:

  • Outline your relevant job history
  • Have a professional headshot or a professionally dressed photo in front of a clean/neutral background. 
  • Outline your skillset. 

It can be very beneficial to have a friend or a family member look your profile over to check for grammatical errors, inconsistencies, or any information that may be too personal. If possible, have someone who is not in your related field of business look at your profile and see if they can articulate the information you have given. While someone in your career field may understand certain terms on your resume, you want to make sure any employer can discern your skillset as well. 

Don’t be afraid to use the fields that are available on LinkedIn such as volunteer work, languages, and an online portfolio to help demonstrate your ability to bring a well-rounded presence to your profile. 

On all of your public social profiles:

  • Make sure to be professional and appropriate even with your content. Don’t use social media as a place to get into arguments, air grievances about past employers, etc. 
  • Don’t use profanity, racial slurs, discriminatory language, or commentary. 
  • Do not post inappropriate photos or videos of yourself. Be sure to untag yourself from any photos or content which you feel do not accurately represent you. Or, what your life currently looks like. Feel free to take them down or un-tag yourself if you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see them. 
  • Be careful of what you re-post or comment on as well. You may think since you weren’t the original poster or you only commented that it won’t be seen by anyone important. Consequently, things can still pop-up with your name on it as well. 
  • Avoid posting, commenting, or reposting any content that can be seen as particularly polarized or anything you wouldn’t want your name associated with. 

Used well, social media can be a great tool for getting hired. For instance, potential employers might come across something on your profile during a search that paints you in a more favorable light. Social media can show employers you are creative. Show you were truthful on your resume. Or, get a better feel for your personality using your internet personality. 

Potential employers might also use your online presence to cross-reference information you’ve listed on your resume or mentioned during an interview. Make sure you are truthful across all your platforms. Ensure nothing on your social media or LinkedIn profiles contradicts what you’ve said in an interview.

For example, these can oftentimes be verified with a simple internet search:

  • Qualifications
  • Prior criminal behavior
  • Unprofessional screen names or handles

Social media monitoring does not stop after you get hired. You are now a representative of the company you work for. Your employer might continue to monitor your online presence. In other words, poor representation of yourself online following getting hired could result in disciplinary actions or even termination. 

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