Posted on: September 30th, 2014

Our daily lives are filled with stressful tasks: paying bills, traffic jams, and long lines at the grocery store. But none of those tasks compare to the stress that job searching and unemployment can entail.  Resumes, interviews, and waiting to hear back is tedious and stressful in a job market.  Premier Staffing exists to de-stress the job searching process for hard-working, dedicated job-seekers here in Eastern Iowa.  Known for exceptional customer service and commitment, Premier Staffing is a professional staffing firm in Cedar Rapids that wants to make your job search a top priority.

Premier Staffing is a leading professional staffing firm in Cedar Rapids.  A staffing firm, such as Premier Staffing, serves as the connection between active job seekers and companies looking to hire employees.  Companies of all industries looking for great employees contact professional staffing firms like Premier Staffing to fill important positions.  Working with Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids allows you the opportunity to apply for multiple jobs in a variety of industries at no cost to you!

Getting Started With A Professional Staffing Firm

Still not convinced it can be that easy? Getting started is as simple as making a phone call or stopping by our office in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo. From there, we ask job seekers to fill out an application with general information including skills, talents, and work experience. If you have a resume, that’s great! But if not, Premier Staffing does not require a resume for hire, and can even help you make one for the future. Our professional and caring staff can help walk you through every important job searching step. We work with job seekers and go through a short interview process to ensure you are matched with a job you’ll enjoy and excel at. 

From there, Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids will begin searching for positions based on your application and interests.  Once you’re good to go, we’ll do our best to find you work in the right industry as soon as possible.

Good Jobs for Good People at Good Companies

Finding you a great job is what drives the work our professional staffing firm does each and every day. Whether it’s long-term or seasonal work you are looking for, our main goal is to help you find a good job at a good company. Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids works with a variety of industries in the area including:

  • Light Industrial
  • Manufacturing 
  • Production/Assembly
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Clerical 

Working with A Professional Staffing Firm

Our commitment to community members searching for work makes the job searching process easier and less stressful than ever before.  We take pride in the exceptional customer service we have to offer. We open our office as early as 6:30 am to make sure jobs are filled each and every day. At Premier Staffing we are prepared and ready to help you begin your job search, de-stress, and get back to work!

To begin working with Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids, please call our office at (319) 730-3890 or stop by our office at 1905 N Center Point Rd. in Hiawatha.

If you are located near Waterloo and searching for work, please call (319) 505-2733 or visit our Premier Staffing Waterloo office located at 2809 University Ave.