Posted on: February 17th, 2022

Looking for a job can cause stress and take a lot of energy, but when you have the right mindset, approach, and strategies to cope with overwhelm, you can go from searching for a job to settling into a new one in less time than you think.


When you’re feeling anxious, knowledge is power. Learn more about available jobs and the necessary qualifications by researching the industry you are interested in pursuing. What open positions are available in that field? If there are no open positions that match your career goals, what can you find that is close to your ideal job? There may be similar positions in different fields or departments that could serve as a good starting point for your job hunt. Getting to know the industry could also really impress interviewers, which will help you when you get to that stage of the job
search. In addition, you can see if anyone you know has a job in the industry and see if they have insights to share with you.


When you’re feeling stressed and down about your job search, schedule a call or coffee with a trusted friend or colleague. Talking about your job hunt challenges and career goals may open up new ideas. Plus, it’s always great to have a drink with a friend! You may also find it helpful to connect with mentors or attend a networking event. The important thing when trying to reduce stress is to approach it in a way that you put little pressure on yourself. You never know when simply showing up at an event could turn into a job networking opportunity. So, take a deep breath and connect with others.

Be Patient

Finding the right job takes time, and it’s time well spent when you hold out for a quality offer from a company you feel good about. Develop an attitude of patience in your job hunt. If you don’t, your frustration and desperation may come through during interviews and even application emails. Yoga and meditation can enhance your patience and reduce your stress and anxiety. Take the time away from the job search to recharge yourself so you can patiently wait for the right job to come along.

Some people find it helpful to set regular times for working on the job search. Others find it soothing to make lists of what they need to do, so when they are bored or discouraged, they have several concrete tasks they can complete. Make a list of job-related tasks as well as personal tasks, so if you need a break from the job hunt, you can complete a personal task instead. For example, you can add self-care tasks to your personal to-do list, like taking a walk in nature or calling a friend. Job-related tasks may include applying for unemployment, updating LinkedIn, developing your interview
questions, or learning a new skill.

Develop an Objective Mindset

Being objective is a part of professionalism that you can also apply to your job search. If you can find ways to be objective and detach from the emotion of the job search, you will make yourself more resilient when faced with rejection and more even-tempered when you get your dream job. But how can you flip a switch on the emotional aspect of the job hunt? It may help to pretend you are helping a friend find a job. By stepping out of the job hunter’s role, you may be able to better detach yourself from each application. Doing the best you can to help your “friend” find a job could not
only reduce pressure—it could also make the job search more fun! When you take an objective view of your qualifications and the position you’re applying for, you may even come across new ways to sell yourself to a potential employer. With a mindset of patience and objectivity as well as plans to research companies and connect with others, you can have less stress while looking for a job. Take care of yourself when you’re feeling stressed so you can put your all into looking for a job.

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