seasonal jobs in iowa
Posted on: November 25th, 2015


Not sure if temporary work is right for you? Consider applying for a temporary or seasonal position this winter. Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo is prepared to help you find the best seasonal position. Below, Premier Staffing provides 5 great reasons to work a temporary position this winter. 


Earn Extra Money For the Holidays

The most obvious reason many individuals choose to work a temporary seasonal job is to earn extra money around the holidays. During a time when many families spend more money than usual, counter balance spending by earning extra money working a seasonal job. 

Flexible Schedule and Hours

Depending on the type of seasonal job you may choose to pursue, many temporary, seasonal jobs provide flexible work hours and scheduling. Because seasonal positions are typically part-time, evening and weekend work is common making it easy to work around a full-time schedule or another part-time position if needed. If you are looking for a flexible position in addition to your full- or part-time job, a seasonal job is a great solution.

Make Beneficial Connections

Whether you make friends with coworkers or get to know upper management as a professional contact, it is great to make connections for long-term career goals. Be friendly, courteous, and work hard. Your employer and upper level employees will notice, and it may help advance your position and could even provide an opportunity for full time work after the seasonal position ends. When coworkers are involved, keep relationships professional while you work together. Your coworkers may let you know of new job opportunities, serve as a stepping-stone to a new career, or become a lifelong friend. In these positions, be sure to get to know those who work above you. These connections may serve valuable when you are in need of a reference, recommendation, or career advice.

Learn New Skills in a New Industry

Working a seasonal job is a great way to experience and learn more about a specific brand or industry. Whether you want to test run a new career or simply gain extra experience in a different industry, a seasonal job is a great way to do both.

Improve Your Career

Seasonal jobs can serve as a great stepping-stone between jobs or in a lifelong career improvement process. Working a seasonal position can provide work experience not gained anywhere else. It’s a great, non-committal way to try new things, experience a new industry, and learn new skills.

How do I get a seasonal, temporary job?

Finding a temporary or seasonal position is simple with Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo. Simply call our nearest office or stop by to apply. Our professional staffing agents will work with you to find a great fit. You are in good hands at Premier Staffing where our mission is to find great jobs, at great companies, for great people.

You can now apply ONLINE to work with Premier Staffing.