Posted on: December 3rd, 2015


With less daylight and colder weather here in the Midwest, keeping motivated during the winter months can be a challenge. A few simple tips can make a huge difference in your drive and motivation when applied to your daily life. Premier Staffing offers advice below to help keep you motivated in the workplace during these snowy winter months.

  1. Set Goals

Setting goals is a great way to keep motivated throughout the winter months. Choose one or two large goals related to your work to strive towards every day. To reach those goals, determine smaller tasks and goals beneath them to achieve every day. You’ll find that having something to work towards everyday can be extremely motivating.

  1. Make To-Do Lists

Creating a to-do list is a great way to prioritize your daily tasks. Knocking out the most important or daunting tasks right away in the morning is the most efficient way to get all tasks completed throughout the day. As you check items off your list, pause to take breaks and congratulate yourself for getting things done. This small act will help keep you motivated to continue working towards crossing off the entire list.

  1. Enjoy the Holidays

Use any off time during the holidays to relax and take a mental break from your work. This will allow you to come back with more energy and motivation than before. Spend time with family and friends, rest, or take a vacation if you are able, and return to your job ready to do great work!

  1. Exercise

You can improve energy with just a small increase in exercise each day. Start your morning with a few laps around the block, stretching and body weight exercises at home, or a trip to the gym. You’ll immediately notice the extra energy you have throughout the day to use towards your work.

No motivation to work out? You don’t necessarily need to dedicate yourself to an intense workout regimen if you don’t typically work out. Start small with a walk at lunchtime or a yoga class; it can make a world of difference.

  1. Be Social at Work

When you make friends and build relationships at work, you may start to feel a new excitement to get to work. Spending the day around people you like and are close too help the day go by and the work seem easier. Attend company events, strike up conversations in the break room, or offer to lend a hand to coworkers. Getting to know your coworkers will help motivate you to get to work on those particularly chilly days.

  1. Keep Yourself Accountable

By keeping yourself accountable for the work that needs to get done, you place a certain level of responsibility on yourself. That responsibility should motivate you to get your work done, and to do it well!

  1. Read

Reading motivational books, industry blog posts, or even just for fun can trigger your creativity, make you think in a new way, or inspire new ideas. Learning new things or creating new ideas is a great way to improve and motivate your work.