Posted on: April 8th, 2016

Are you looking for temporary jobs in Waterloo?

At Premier Staffing, we’ll find the job that best fits you. We do this by using a multi-step interview process. We provide staffing for a variety of employers—including industrial and technology companies—so we know there’s business that can use your talents. If you are looking for a temporary position in Waterloo, apply here.

Since we partner with so many industries, we will find a position that best matches your skills. Even though a job may start out as a temporary assignment, it could very well turn into a full-time job.

Temporary Jobs Can Help You Transition into a Long-Lasting Job

A typical temporary job can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. After you complete this initial placement, the employer can decide if they wish to hire you full time. If they offer you full-time employment, you become an employee of their company, not our staffing agency.

Temporary jobs in the United States are on the rise. The number of Americans using temporary work arrangements rose 9.4 million from 2005 to 2015 according to the New York Times. This rise was greater than the rise in the overall employment, meaning there was a slight decline of people with conventional jobs.

Temporary jobs fit the Millennial lifestyle better, because the average Millennial spends just three years at the same job. Compare that statistic to an average 55-year-old, who spends roughly 10 years at each job according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Clearly, the workforce is changing. Millennials are willing to work for less money if they can work remotely according to an article in Time where they did a survey of Millenials. This could account for why the workforce is changing with respect to the influx in temporary jobs. Millenials want flexibility.

The labor force participation rate—the percentage of the active participants in the labor force—is at the lowest it’s been in 37 years, at 62.7 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of January 2016. Labor force participation includes both those employed and those actively seeking work.

During a recession, the labor force participation rate typically goes down because many people lose their jobs. However, when we come out of recessions, companies often look to staffing agencies to help slowly build up their workforce. As a job seeker this can be a great transition while you look for something more permanent.

If you’re struggling to find a full-time job, working for a staffing agency gives you a 40-hour work week, provides different work environments, and helps introduce you to some great companies in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo and the surrounding areas.

When you work for a staffing agency, changing assignments often helps you gain new skills. While your placements may not be permanent, they give you time to consider what you might like to do full time.

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