seasonal jobs
Posted on: June 22nd, 2021

Temporary, seasonal, or contract jobs offer several advantages to the people who are willing to perform these positions. For one, you can get experience doing different things in a variety of industries. Two, you can choose a shift that you’d like to work. And three, you may step into a temp-to-hire role and find yourself presented with a full-time opportunity that you can’t pass up!

If you’re unsure about what you want to do for a living, temporary, seasonal, and contract jobs can provide you with insights into different industries. Working with a company like Premier Staffing allows you to sit back while we do the matching of your skills with different employers and their work shifts. Plus, our partnerships with great companies can result in great career opportunities for you. 

We’ve identified three major advantages to contract jobs that are worth considering:


1. Get Experience in Different Industries

If you’re not set on your career path or are ready for a change, contract jobs allow you to try your hand at a variety of industries. While manufacturing may seem less than thrilling at first glance, this industry offers a lot of good-paying jobs right here in Eastern Iowa. You could be assembling products that get used in airplanes or agricultural equipment. The local warehouses are always looking for hard workers to inspect, stock, and restock supplies, among other tasks. Temporary office, data entry, and customer service jobs can also be found in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo.

You never know what types of positions might be available through Premier Staffing. Let us know what you are looking for in terms of your work experience, and we can help place you in different positions to help you determine your strengths and interests. Short-term or long-term contract work can be very helpful to you as you develop your career path.


2. Choose Your Shift with Contract Jobs


Are you going back to school? Do you have scheduling conflicts with many daytime jobs due to family obligations? Contract work can help you earn money in the hours you have available to work, such as evenings, nights, and weekends. Third shift work also pays better, so if you’re a night owl, nighttime work could be a wise choice to boost your budget. We also provide weekly paychecks, which can help you keep your budget balanced.

With the right contract job, you can study when you need to for your classes and still earn a good wage on nights or weekends. If your personal obligations are at night, the first shift could provide better work hours for your schedule. Let us know when you’re available for work, and we’ll line you up with opportunities that suit your lifestyle.


3. Temp-to-Hire


Temporary work doesn’t have to be temporary. Temp-to-hire positions are becoming more common with employers. So, just because a position is listed as a contract position for a limited amount of time, doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story. Many times, employers will end up hiring a contract worker for a full-time gig if they perform well during their contract. That full-time opportunity could end up providing benefits like a retirement plan, health insurance, and other perks.


Want to explore your options for short- or long-term contract work? We welcome new people to become part of our pool of qualified applicants for contract jobs in Eastern Iowa. Contact Premier Staffing today. Our mission is “Good jobs for good people at good companies.” Be part of our team.