Posted on: May 25th, 2016

finding jobsOnce upon a time, applying for a job took quite a bit of time. The applicant would type out a cover letter and resume, address an envelope, stamp it, and mail it to a potential employer. Then came PCs and fax machines and email. Now, in the digital age, it’s a snap to finding jobs and applying for work. But just because it’s easier, doesn’t mean you should cut any corners.

First impressions make a big difference in business and that goes for your online presence as well. With 433 million users and 106 million unique monthly visitors, LinkedIn is a great way to showcase your talents and skills. Touted as the world’s largest professional network, it’s a wonderful free tool to help you connect with others when finding jobs.

Among many other features, you can use LinkedIn to upload your picture, describe your work experience, list your education, show personal recommendations, display awards, and discuss professional development. Perhaps most importantly, you can network with others in your desired industry.

Just as you would with a resume, make sure you proofread your LinkedIn profile. It is, in essence, a digital CV. Use a professional picture. Never exaggerate. Keep your writing clear and concise.

Remember that unless you change your privacy settings, any LinkedIn member can see you. Imagine a recruiter searching for you using keywords only to find typos and incorrect information on your page. Put your best foot forward on LinkedIn by checking and checking again.

Prudence is the name of the game on other social networks too. In an information oversharing society, be mindful of what you post and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. A good rule of thumb? If you wouldn’t write it on a postcard, don’t share it on social media.

Again, unless you have these accounts locked down for privacy, employers can find out a lot of information about you before they decide to call you for an interview. And even if you keep up to date on privacy changes, most companies can see what you post and learn more about you using any number of methods.

How do you want potential employers to view you? If you’re already on Twitter, for example, you may wish to open a separate account devoted to your job search and interests. On this account, you can tweet about and interact with people in your desired industry. If you attend professional conferences, you can live-tweet using the hashtag provided by the conference planners.

Keep in mind that being successful on Twitter involves listening and sharing. Be generous by retweeting others; most will reciprocate. And who knows? Maybe a new connection will lead to a new position.

In addition to social media, there are many different ways to search online for careers. Take advantage of current job software. And realize that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you apply for a job. Many employers—businesses like Hy-Vee and ACT, Inc., and Rockwell Collins—allow you to enter your information once and store it until you see a job opening that appeals to you.

You may also wish to bookmark the employment pages of all the businesses where you’d like to work. Or take advantage of free sites like Indeed where you can sort by many different factors including location, salary, and skill and education keywords. will let you set up push job alerts to tell you when a position matching your specifications is available.

Finally, a great way to get your foot in the door of any company is to work there as a temporary employee. This is truly a win-win situation. It allows you to see if the job and culture is a good fit for you; it allows the employer to analyze your job performance. Neither of you is under any pressure. But if you find you enjoy the duties and the employer is pleased with your skills and attitude, you may be offered a full-time position.

At Premier Staffing Agency, we make sure you’re a great match with our business clients. Whether you wish to work part-time, during holidays, or are hoping for a full-time career, we’ll help introduce you to employers who appreciate your skills.

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