Posted on: March 13th, 2018

Seated along the Cedar River, Waterloo is home to approximately 68,000 Iowans. This highly agricultural community is Iowa’s sixth-largest city and a great place to work, raise a family, and send children to school. Premier Staffing in Waterloo is dedicated to helping community members find good work and good companies in the area. Economic and community development efforts, great jobs, and exceptional education, arts, and culture contribute all contribute to Waterloo’s livable qualities.

Economic and Community Development

Waterloo’s economy thrives on two large industries: agriculture and engineering. Companies and manufacturers including ConAgra Grocer Products, Tyson Foods, Ferguson Enterprises Distribution Center, John Deere & Company, Ryder Integrated Logistics, Denso International and GMAC employ thousands of Waterloo residents. These large companies, as well as a number of improvements and new developments throughout Waterloo, provide a strong, steady economy. More than one million square feet of industrial and office space has been developed in Waterloo since 2010. At an estimated value of more than 100 million dollars, this space is extremely beneficial to businesses, community members and the local economy.

Further improvements continue to make Waterloo a great place to find work. John Deere & Company recently donated more than $17 million to create the Cedar Valley TechWorks. The development includes buildings, land, technical assistance and financial resources to create the $50 million bio-based ag-industrial product development and exposition marketplace. To improve other important areas throughout Waterloo, the city spent an approximated $14 million improving the airport, recreational and cultural areas in downtown Waterloo, and recreational opportunities in efforts to enhance community member’s quality of life and support business growth.

Jobs in Waterloo

Premier Staffing is not the only company that believes Waterloo is a great place to live and work. Forbes recently ranked Waterloo #46 for best small places for business and careers. More content

A number of small businesses, the large companies and manufacturers listed above, hospitals, schools and the City of Waterloo keep unemployment rates low in Waterloo. As it currently sits Waterloo is .4% below the national unemployment rate.

Premier Staffing is a professional staffing agency in Waterloo that helps community members find work in a variety of industries. Clerical, light industrial, cleaning positions, and more opportunities that allow individuals temporarily out of work find a great job with the potential of landing full-time employment. Premier Staffing is dedicated to helping community members find work, and take pride in excellent customer service efforts.

Livable Community

“Residents of Waterloo have a deep sense of pride and commitment to their community. It’s easy to understand why when visiting Waterloo. The extremely livable community is full of entertainment, shopping, and dining options that make it a fun place to both live and visit.” – City of Waterloo, Web.

The average cost of living in Waterloo is 14% less than the national average, making it an extremely affordable city to live and raise a family in. More content

Affordable living along with cultural attractions, parks, entertainment, and recreation enhance Waterloo citizen’s quality of life, promote a healthy community, and make Waterloo a “beautiful place to live, work and play.”

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The City of Waterloo and Waterloo School District places a large emphasis on quality education for children in the community. In recent past years, an increase in Waterloo student’s test scores are highly contributed to an improvement in curriculum, technology and Service Learning experiences. Mentor programs, Expanded Learning opportunities for gifted students, and support for special needs programs make Waterloo schools a great place for students of all abilities to learn and grow.

Waterloo schools teach students the importance of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship through Character Counts, an initiative supported by the Cedar Valley Character Counts Coalition.

To learn more about work available in Waterloo, contact Premier Staffing in Waterloo at 319-505-2733 or stop by the Waterloo office located at 2809 University Ave. For more information about living in the City of Waterloo, visit the City of Waterloo website.