Posted on: May 11th, 2015

Job searching is a tedious and sometimes dreadful task.  Staffing agencies, including Premier Staffing Agency in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, exist to help companies find great hires.  They benefit job seekers in many ways by eliminating the dreadful search and resume sending process.  Although dedication and persistence is extremely crucial to any job search, staffing agencies make it a little easier on today’s job seekers.

Employees who find work through a staffing agency are placed with a company that is likely to be a fit the first time.  If or when it is not a good match, the staffing agency can typically offer other positions within another company and industry, because staffing agencies work with multiple companies.

Working with a staffing agency could be the best decision you make to further advance your career, or simply find work.  Not sure it’s right for you?  Continue reading to learn more about applying and working with a staffing firm.

Contact Premier Staffing Agency

The first step in working with a staffing agency is to call and check the requirements to apply.  To begin working with Premier Staffing in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, simply stop by one of our offices to pick up an application.  Individuals seeking work can fill the application out at one of our offices or take it home to complete and return.

Application Process

Luckily, for individuals interested in working with Premier Staffing the interview and application process is not extensive.  Associates at Premier Staffing will interview each applicant and review their application.  This is the time for questions and concerns about placements, job types, and compensation.   From there, each applicant must complete a background check and drug-screening, if required by the position.

Finding Work

Once the application process is completed and the applicant passes a background and drug-screening, if necessary, applicants are placed based on need.  Depending on the amount and type of work available, applicants will be placed immediately or held until the right position is available.

Applicants are welcome to contact Premier Staffing at any time to check on job availabilities.

Types of Work Available

Premier Staffing works with a variety of companies in different industries to provide job seekers with long- and short-term positions.  Many employers also seek employees for prearranges, seasonal, and special project work.

Above all else, Premier Staffing is dedicated to providing work for employees throughout the Cedar Rapids and Waterloo community.  For more information about positions available, stop by our Waterloo or Cedar Rapids office.

Cedar Rapids
1905 N Center Point Rd.
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