How to Win Over Talent

Warehouse worker working on a conveyor line

Today, it’s a candidate’s market. Companies are having to compete fiercely for talent, and even when they secure new hires, retention is challenging. There’s far more demand for candidates than there are available job seekers. As a result, employers need to update their strategies if they’re going to win over talent. Fortunately, there are several […]

How to Show Your Worth at Work to an Employer

Female Team Leader With Clipboard In Warehouse

When you’re submitting an application or interviewing for a new position, it’s critical to recognize that the hiring manager has a few core goals. While ensuring you’re a fit for the role is a top priority, hiring managers also want to determine how much value you can provide the organization. As a result, knowing how […]

The Importance of Boosting Employee Morale

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Positive employee morale is typically critical for a company’s success. When morale is high, an organization’s workforce is often more motivated and dedicated. Productivity and efficiency increase and work quality meets or exceeds expectations. Plus, high morale can ease recruitment and retention struggles. When employees are happy, they’re far less likely to seek out opportunities […]

Request Feedback When You’ve Been Rejected for a Job: How To

When you’re looking for a job, getting rejected usually comes with the territory. While it’s disheartening to hear you weren’t selected after participating in an interview, the rejection can also serve as an opportunity. By asking for feedback, you can learn how to improve your position as a candidate the next time, increasing your odds […]

How the Use of Robots and Technology Benefit the Light Industrial Space

Technician Does Printed Curcuit Motherboard Soldering

Technology is constantly reshaping the industrial sector. Robotics and automation are providing light industrial companies with various benefits, too. Manufacturers and warehouses can leverage cutting-edge advancements to streamline operations and much more, allowing them to accomplish their goals in less time and for a lower cost. Robots and other technologies are an excellent addition to […]

Eliminate Digital Distractions from Your Work Day with These Tips

Today, technology is an integral part of nearly everyone’s daily lives, particularly at work. While technology undeniably enhances productivity, it can also bring myriad distractions that can make focusing challenging. Fortunately, there are simple ways to eliminate digital distractions from your workday. Here are some tips to get you started. Silence Non-Essential Notifications Email, social […]