How to Appeal to Gen Z Applicants

Warehouse worker carrying a cardboard box

Generation Z is the newest entry into the workforce. The oldest members of this generation are already beyond traditional college age, and more are working their way into workplaces every year. With so many companies struggling to find solid applicants, finding ways to appeal to Gen Z as an employer is increasingly essential. If you’re […]

Why Personality Testing Is Useful in Hiring

Company leaders and their employees in industrial plant

A right-fit candidate doesn’t just have the needed technical capabilities; they also have excellent personalities that mesh with or elevate your culture. While you can learn a bit about a candidate’s mindset and perspective during the interview, that process might not tell you everything you need to know. Job seekers are putting their best foot […]

4 Things to Include on an Entry-Level Resume

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Looking for your first job is exciting, but it’s also surprisingly challenging. Often, creating an entry-level resume is tricky since you don’t have much – if any – job experience to include. Fortunately, there are options available that can help you round out your resume to make it more compelling. If you’re creating an entry-level […]

Is My Job Offer Competitive?

Warehouse manager

Ensuring your job listing and offer are competitive in the current marketplace is essential when filling a vacant position. If the vacancy announcement doesn’t outline everything top candidates want to find, you’ll struggle to get suitable applicants. Similarly, if your job offers don’t measure up, you might not seal the deal, even if you find […]

Why You Should Take Advantage of Jobs with Overtime

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As an employee, it’s normal to want to head back home after the end of your shift. However, if overtime is available, there are some significant advantages to accepting the extra hours. Besides boosting your paycheck, saying “yes” to overtime can be a powerful career booster. If you’d like to learn more about why you […]

6 Tips for Accepting Feedback Like a Pro

Female Team Leader With Clipboard In Warehouse

Constructive feedback is a powerful tool, allowing you to improve your performance and keep your career in the right direction. The trouble is that many professionals struggle if the feedback they’re given is harmful, even if it’s constructive. As a result, they don’t always hear the core message of what’s shared, causing them to miss […]