Interview Preparation

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The interview process is by far the most critical step in finding employment. Not only is it the appropriate time to expand on your application, skills, and resume, but also showcase why you’ll be a good fit within the company you’re interviewing with. It’s impossible to make every interviewer like you personally, and it’s important […]

Applying For The Position

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You’ve created or updated your resume, found positions you’re interested in, tailored cover letters to fit the positions you’ve discovered, and now you’re ready to apply. Before continuing the application process, take a few minutes to consider the following tips. Re-Read the Job Description Make sure you’re clear about the duties and responsibilities of the […]

How To Create A Resume

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Submitting your resume to countless employers but getting nowhere? Need to create your first resume? Before you spend time digging up all the necessary resume building information take some time to scan the information below. We have laid out a general resume building guide that will help you determine what works best for you. To […]

Cedar Rapids: A Great Place to Live and Work

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Located in Eastern Iowa Cedar Rapids hovers almost exactly halfway between Iowa’s Northern and Southern border. As the second most populated city in the state Cedar Rapids resembles the typical Iowa river-town. Those who seek a laid-back community setting with plenty of activities and amenities available prefer to settle down in Cedar Rapids. It’s arguably […]

Waterloo: A Great Place to Live and Work in 2018

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Seated along the Cedar River, Waterloo is home to approximately 68,000 Iowans. This highly agricultural community is Iowa’s sixth-largest city and a great place to work, raise a family, and send children to school. Premier Staffing in Waterloo is dedicated to helping community members find good work and good companies in the area. Economic and community development […]

Working in a Warehouse

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No matter where you are in the U.S., there’s a pretty good chance you can find employment within at least one warehouse. Although warehouse jobs are generally plentiful, they sometimes get a bad rap. Admittedly these jobs aren’t for everyone, but many generations have made a long-lasting career out of this line of work and […]

Costs Of Making The Wrong Hire

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Efficiency and productivity is the key to achieving growth within any given industry. Businesses must also avoid frivolous spending habits but the aforementioned growth strategies are of utmost importance. In order to maximize overall productivity, you must prioritize tasks for each department ensure each employee is maximizing their own productivity. This means they are operating […]

Negatives of Collecting Unemployment

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Claim Limits The government limits the amount of unemployment a claimant receives. Each state sets a minimum and maximum weekly benefit amount a claimant may receive. These amounts are often based on a number that changes from time to time, such as the state’s minimum wage or the state’s average wage. In Iowa, you can […]

Time & Money Wasted on Hiring

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Hiring is a lot like dating. You want to find the perfect match and the right fit. In order to do that, you ask a lot of questions, spend money on and time with the person, listen, negotiate terms, see how they like your friends/co-workers and hope for the best. But, unlike dating, hiring can […]

Eleven Strong Ways to Start a New Job

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  You applied for the job. You interviewed for the position. You waited for the news. And you just received the phone call. You got the job. Congratulations. Once you’ve celebrated your good fortune, then it’s time to prepare. First, talk to your current employer. Make sure you give your company ample time to hire […]