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Misconceptions About Working with a Staffing Agency

Companies in nearly any industry struggle to find the talent they need to fill every vacant position. Between skill gaps and labor shortages, there seemingly aren’t enough candidates. Fortunately, you can easily overcome your recruitment woes by working with a staffing agency.

The issue is that many companies are uncertain about partnering with recruitment firms. Often, they hesitate due to various misconceptions about what it’s like to work with a staffing agency. Before you turn away from this exceptional recruitment resource, here are a few misconceptions about working with a staffing agency:

Staffing Agencies Only Handle Entry-Level Positions

During the early days of the staffing industry, much of the focus was on immediate-need, entry-level positions. However, the recruitment sector has changed notably over the decades. As a result, the concern that a staffing agency can only handle entry-level positions is a misconception.

Today, recruitment firms fill jobs at essentially every level. Whether it’s an entry position, a C-suite role, or anything in-between, staffing agencies can assist with that need. Additionally, they can handle openings in practically any field or industry, including administrative, technical, manufacturing, scientific, and more.

You Can Only Hire Temporary Workers Through Staffing Agencies

The idea that companies can only hire temporary workers through staffing agencies is also a misconception primarily based on the industry’s origins. While many recruitment firms initially focused on short-term employees – which is why many were referred to as “temp agencies” – the landscape has changed.

Currently, staffing firms can assist with any placement. Recruitment agencies can help if you need a temporary worker for a day or a permanent employee that can join your payroll immediately. Additionally, through temp-to-hire programs, companies can functionally conduct working interviews without the risks of direct hiring, allowing them to evaluate candidates on the job before making long-term hiring decisions.

Hiring on Your Own Is Cheaper Than Using an Outside Recruiter

One of the company’s most significant concerns regarding partnering with a staffing agency is that it costs more than hiring independently. Working with a recruitment firm often leads to a net gain.

Along with eliminating many sourcing and screening costs, a staffing agency gives you access to recruitment expertise that can streamline hiring. Plus, it frees your internal staff to focus on profit-driving operations while quickly securing your needed employees.

When you partner with a staffing firm, you also significantly reduce risk. With temporary and temp-to-hire arrangements, at least initially, the employee remains on the recruitment agency’s payroll. As a result, your company isn’t shouldering the burden of unemployment or worker’s compensation for short-term staffing needs or while evaluating candidates for fit before making permanent offers.

Are You Ready to See How a Staffing Agency Can Solve Your Hiring Woes?

Partnering with a staffing firm gives your company access to critical expertise and hiring support while helping you reduce costs and decrease risk. If you’re ready to experience the difference and value provided firsthand, Premier Staffing Inc. wants to hear from you. Contact us today.


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