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5 Ways to Prove Your Reliability at Your New Job

Reliability is critical for career success. When an employee is dependable, it lets their employer and teammates know they’re an asset they can count on, providing them with peace of mind. Plus, reliability is a way professionals can set themselves apart from their less dependable colleagues, making it easier to access opportunities for advancement.

In many cases, proving your reliability at a new job isn’t as challenging as expected. Here are five ways to get started.

1. Be Punctual

Lateness is generally viewed as a side effect of laziness, poor planning skills, or a lack of respect for your colleagues, manager, and employer. When you’re tardy, others in your workplace aren’t sure you are someone they can count on, which harms your reputation.

As a result, showing up to work on time is essential if you want to prove you’re reliable. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean walking through the door right at your start time is enough. Instead, it would be best to be ready to work right at the beginning of your shift. That means getting extra steps – such as putting away personal items or navigating entry checkpoints – before you’re scheduled to begin your workday.

2. Keep Your Promises

When you make a promise at work, you need to keep it. Generally, that means following through on any of your commitments.

Ensure you complete your tasks on or before the deadline by overestimating how long they’ll take when you start a job. That gives you some leeway while learning new processes and procedures, creating a buffer that prevents lateness.

Additionally, exercise caution before committing to voluntary tasks. Assess your workload and determine if the extra activity fits into your schedule. If not, let the requester know. If so, formally add the task to your plan, ensuring you allocate time appropriately.

3. Communicate Proactively

If there’s a chance that you’ll deliver work late due to something unforeseen, let your manager, customer, client, or impacted colleague know right away. Warning them of the due date shows you’re accountable and honest, which is part of reliability. Plus, you can speak with your manager or colleagues about the obstacle you encountered, allowing you to work with them to identify solutions you might overlook since you’re new to the workplace.

4. Embrace Excellence

Your work quality has an impact on whether you’re viewed as reliable. Subpar work often needs corrections, and mistakes may hinder the efforts of others who use your deliverables to handle their responsibilities. As a result, it’s wise to embrace Excellence. By doing every task to the best of your ability, error rates decrease, and work quality rises, letting others know they can count on you to provide solid results.

5. Share Insights

When employees hold information back from others who could use it, they’re often viewed as deceitful. As a result, it’s best to share any insights you gather or details you learn with your manager or colleagues if awareness works in their favor. That ensures you’re seen as a reliable team player, as you aren’t hiding information they potentially need.

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