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4 Reasons Why Manufacturing Is Thriving Right Now

The manufacturing industry is thriving, meaning opportunities for exciting careers abound. For candidates looking for fantastic and lucrative jobs, that’s excellent news. Plus, the manufacturing sector has plenty to offer employees. Here’s a look at four reasons why a career in manufacturing is an ideal choice.

1. Excellent Wages

Many candidates incorrectly assume that manufacturing jobs come with low wages. The compensation is highly competitive, and pay rates continue to rise steadily. One reason that salaries are becoming more vital is that manufacturers have to compete for top talent. Since higher pay is a straightforward way to attract candidates with the right skills, many are boosting their salaries to secure and retain the needed employees.

Along with a substantial base salary, many manufacturing workers are also eligible for lucrative overtime pay rates. That can help anyone working in the field boost their earning potential, making it easier to achieve various financial goals.

2. Great Benefits

Manufacturing companies don’t just offer excellent wages; they also have unique benefits packages. Full-time employees often qualify for a variety of benefits and perks. Medical, dental, prescription, and vision insurance are frequently part of the package, as well as retirement plans and paid time off. In some cases, employees may get access to free or discounted personal protective equipment (PPE) directly through their employer, too, or might have access to purchase programs to make the cost more manageable.

3. Chances to Learn

The manufacturing industry constantly evolves, and employers understand that updating their workforce is essential. As a result, companies often offer a variety of training options. From formal courses to on-the-job training and mentorships, learning and growing opportunities abound.

For employees, the ability to acquire new skills is a definitive boon. Enhancing their capabilities makes it easier to showcase their value and remain relevant in their field. In turn, they achieve better job security, making it easier to have a long career.

4. Opportunities to Move Up

In manufacturing, opportunities to advance are plentiful. Training programs such as those mentioned above often ensure that employees can acquire critical skills that make them eligible for higher-level roles. In turn, they can remain with one employer while advancing their careers.

Often, entry-level workers can acquire the knowledge and skills to rise through the ranks in relatively short order, too. Becoming a supervisor is often a logical step for professionals who’ve spent time honing their capabilities, and some may even rise into the management ranks given enough time. As a result, manufacturing can be an excellent option for ensuring upward mobility.

Ultimately, manufacturing is a wonderful option for any professional wanting a secure a rewarding career.

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