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How to Show Your Worth at Work to an Employer

When you’re submitting an application or interviewing for a new position, it’s critical to recognize that the hiring manager has a few core goals. While ensuring you’re a fit for the role is a top priority, hiring managers also want to determine how much value you can provide the organization. As a result, knowing how to show your worth at work to an employer you’re applying to or interviewing with is essential.

Fortunately, demonstrating your value isn’t as tricky as it seems. Here’s how you can show your worth during the hiring process.

Identify Your Major Achievements

Demonstrating your worth to a prospective employer begins by identifying your major achievements. Reflect on your past roles and determine which accomplishments were a value-add. Usually, that means successes where your actions increased profit potential or saved the company money. That can include moves that bolstered customer satisfaction or loyalty, as well as activities that boosted the performance of team members, such as assisting with training.

Initially, you want to identify all of your major achievements, particularly those that occurred while working in your current role and over the past few years. That ensures you don’t overlook an accomplishment as you move forward through this process. Plus, it gives you a functional list to work from during your entire job search and not just as you go after a specific role.

Quantify the Accomplishments

When you want to demonstrate your worth, you need to take the achievements you identified and quantify them. Numbers help show the hiring manager the significance of your impact, making the achievement functionally measurable. Additionally, metrics provide critical context that’s otherwise missing when you describe the success.

The numbers don’t necessarily have to be dollar values. Percentage increases can work well, particularly for metrics measuring customer satisfaction. Similarly, describing cost savings or various reductions as percentages is a strong approach.

Identify the Most Relevant Achievements

Even if all of your accomplishments are noteworthy, some will demonstrate your worth to a specific prospective employer better than others. Ultimately, relevancy is a critical part of the equation, so you must ensure that the achievements you discuss are strongly connected to the job you want to land.

After quantifying your accomplishments, review the job description. Next, determine which achievements align closely with the stated duties or listed requirements. Doing so lets you know which accomplishments to prioritize on your resume or during the interview.

Mention Accomplishments Throughout

Once you know which achievements to discuss, you want to make sure you mention relevant ones throughout the hiring process. List the relevant ones on your resume, and include the top one or two in your cover letter. Then, consider what interview questions serve as opportunities to discuss your accomplishments. Finally, practice answering those questions to ensure you’re comfortable with your response.

Ultimately, the above process can help you show your worth when applying for new job opportunities. Premier Staffing Inc. wants to hear from you if you’d like to learn more or seek a new career-boosting position. Contact us today.

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