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Stay Ahead of the Game: Your Checklist for Early W-2 Preparation

The end of the year is approaching quickly, which means tax season is just around the corner. As a professional, ensuring you’ll receive your W2 as soon as possible is wise.

By receiving your W2 quickly, you’re ready to file earlier in the season, which could help you get your refund faster. Even if you aren’t due a refund, it’s usually best to file sooner rather than later. Plus, even if you don’t file right away, having your W2 in hand means there’s one less document to wait on, making filing by the deadline easier.

While employers aren’t required to send out W2s until January 31, there are steps you can take to ensure they have everything they need to get your W2 to you fast. Here’s a simple checklist for early W2 preparation.

Check Your On-File Address

If your employer mails out W2s, you need to ensure that the address they have on file is correct. Usually, there are a few ways you can use to confirm yours is accurate. First, you can check your most recent pay stub, as the address listed is what your company has on file. Second, you can use the employee self-service portal if one is available. Finally, you can contact HR directly.

With self-service portals, you can potentially correct the address on file using an edit option. Otherwise, you may need to speak with an HR or payroll employee to get your address updated.

Make Sure Your Email Address Is Correct

Many companies can deliver employee W2s electronically; if they can, they’ll usually provide a link to the document via email. As a result, you’ll want to ensure that the email they have on file is correct.

You may be able to check and update your email using a self-service portal. If unavailable, speak with HR or payroll to see what you need to do to ensure the correct email address is listed.

Approve Electronic W-2 Delivery

For a W2 delivered electronically, you must provide explicit permission to your employer before they can send one out digitally. On a self-service portal, this may be as simple as checking a box or changing a toggle button in a section about tax document delivery. However, some companies require physical or digital signatures on a document. If so, you can usually get the paperwork you’ll need to complete by contacting an HR or payroll employee.

Put the Sending Email on Your Safelist

For emailed notifications about your W2, you want to ensure the message lands in your inbox. By adding the sending email to your safelist, you can ensure the message doesn’t go to your spam folder by mistake. Either check the self-service portal or contact a suitable HR or payroll employee to get the sending address, then head into your email to add it to your safelist.

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