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Why You Should Take Advantage of Jobs with Overtime

As an employee, it’s normal to want to head back home after the end of your shift. However, if overtime is available, there are some significant advantages to accepting the extra hours. Besides boosting your paycheck, saying “yes” to overtime can be a powerful career booster. If you’d like to learn more about why you should take advantage of jobs with overtime, here’s what you need to know:

Higher Compensation

In most cases, the most notable reason to take on overtime hours when they’re available is the pay increase. Typically, overtime comes with a significant premium. Time and a half (or 1.5 times your regular pay rate) are generally required once you exceed 40 hours per workweek. However, some companies may offer more, though that’s at their discretion.

With time and a half pay, if you earn $12 per hour usually, you’d earn $18 per hour while working overtime. As a result, that’s often a significant boost to your paycheck, even if you only participate occasionally.

If you take on overtime hours regularly, you may be able to reach a variety of financial goals faster. For example, preparing for holiday shopping, paying down debt, or saving for a home is potentially easier due to the higher pay rate. Plus, any overtime you work is on top of your typical 40-hour-per-week paycheck, giving you more room in your budget than usual, regardless of your other goals.

Improved Reputation

In most cases, when companies make overtime available, they’re experiencing some productivity challenges. Essentially, they’re asking their employees to assist them as they work to catch up or get ahead. If you agree to help them through the difficult period, your reputation with your employer often improves.

Having a reputation as a helpful, flexible employee comes with various benefits. Often, it increases your visibility with management. When that happens, you may find more opportunities for promotions or raises, all because you’re willing to go the extra mile to support the company. Plus, it could make it easier to get a positive reference should you need to look for opportunities elsewhere, which also works in your favor.

Skill-Building Opportunities

Sometimes, overtime hours aren’t as highly staffed as traditional work hours. As a result, you may pitch in to assist a wider variety of teams or support operational areas outside your usual role.

When that happens, you may get an opportunity to acquire new skills, capabilities that won’t just help you excel at work but ones you can leverage to elevate your career. Honing areas you aren’t as strong in is also a standard option that can make advancing professionally easier.

Are You Ready for a Job That Lets You Take Advantage of Overtime?

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