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Is My Job Offer Competitive?

Ensuring your job listing and offer are competitive in the current marketplace is essential when filling a vacant position. If the vacancy announcement doesn’t outline everything top candidates want to find, you’ll struggle to get suitable applicants. Similarly, if your job offers don’t measure up, you might not seal the deal, even if you find the right candidate.

Fortunately, small changes can enhance the competitiveness of your job postings and job offers. If you’re ready to improve your recruitment practices and achieve hiring success, here’s what you need to do.

Creating a Compelling Job Posting

In many cases, companies focus on their needs when creating job postings. The emphasis is typically on the skills and experience employers want to find, and there’s often little thought about how candidates view that approach.

The issue is that the lack of a compelling employer value proposition prevents your job listing from being competitive in the current market. Today’s candidates are increasingly focused on ensuring their broader needs are met. As a result, they favor employers who openly outline what employees receive once hired.

When you craft a job posting, ensure a portion of the listing focuses on the employee experience. Openly discuss your salary ranges and benefits packages. Discuss diversity, equity, inclusion initiatives, and other support programs. If you mention a commitment to work-life balance, explain how your company helps employees achieve it. Doing so makes your employer’s value proposition far more robust, typically leading to more top-talent applications.

Writing Competitive Job Offers

Once you find the right candidate for your open position, it’s time to write a formal job offer. Ideally, you want to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire compensation package. That helps the selected job seeker see your value beyond a salary, making the opportunity more enticing.

However, don’t neglect the need for a competitive salary. While candidates may assess the value of your benefits and consider them, the pay rate must feel reasonable. Otherwise, they likely won’t move forward.

Spend time conducting salary research before you get to the job offer phase. Use various online resources, ensuring the rates you review are targeted to your location for increased accuracy. From there, determine a range that seems to encompass the going rate for the skills you’re after and use that as a basis for the content you’ll offer for the position.

In many cases, candidates conduct similar research when searching for a job. Going through the process yourself increases the odds that your offer will align with expectations. In turn, the odds that the chosen job seeker will accept increases, allowing you to secure the talent you need, even in a competitive market.

Do You Need to Expand Your Team and Find Top Talent Quickly?

Ensuring your job posting and related offer is competitive is an essential part of the hiring success, as is having access to exceptional candidates. If you need to fill open positions with top talent quickly, Premier Staffing Inc. can help. Contact us today.


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