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Why Personality Testing Is Useful in Hiring

A right-fit candidate doesn’t just have the needed technical capabilities; they also have excellent personalities that mesh with or elevate your culture. While you can learn a bit about a candidate’s mindset and perspective during the interview, that process might not tell you everything you need to know.

Job seekers are putting their best foot forward during interviews, so some candidates likely aren’t being genuine while meeting with hiring managers. Fortunately, personality testing can help you uncover more. Here’s a look at why personality testing is helpful in hiring.

Assess Traits That Improve Performance

Traditional interview questions often don’t reliably reveal all candidate traits that impact performance. For example, hiring managers may struggle to determine how willing a candidate is to learn, their overall drive and degree of self-motivation, and how they’ll engage with others in a team-oriented environment.

You can assess soft skills and characteristics that influence work performance with personality testing. You can identify candidates with mindsets that lead to beneficial behaviors, such as helpfulness, resilience, and more. As a result, you can use the results in combination with other screening activities, including interviews, to find candidates who are the right fit.

Identify Characteristics That Hinder Performance

While personality testing can reveal beneficial traits, it’s also helpful for identifying characteristics that might hinder performance. For instance, well-constructed personality tests can allow companies to determine if a candidate lacks emotional intelligence, falls short regarding integrity, is generally combative, or is overly manipulative.

Since many job seekers know how to navigate interviews in a way that makes them seem impressive, a personality test is helpful. It could reveal traits a candidate tries to hide during interviews, ensuring hiring managers get a realistic picture of who they are and how they’ll potentially behave at work.

Limit the Odds of Burnout

In some cases, personality testing can help you determine if a potential new hire is at high risk of burnout or generally struggles with their well-being. It’s possible to assess their ability to effectively manage stress, as well as their level of resilience when faced with adversity.

Ultimately, assessing candidates for burnout factors is wise when filling any position. However, it’s particularly critical for high-pressure jobs or those with significant mental or emotional loads, as professionals in those roles are at greater risk of well-being-related challenges.

Ensure Candidates Fit the Culture

Selecting a candidate that fits or elevates your culture increases your odds of maintaining a productive and harmonious workplace. Using personality testing, you can see whether a job seeker’s values and preferences align with the company’s goals, preferred team dynamic, and overall environment. As a result, personality testing makes it easier to cultivate and maintain your ideal workplace culture.

Are You Looking for Right-Fit Candidates for Your Open Jobs?

Finding right-fit candidates for your open jobs is often challenging, but the process is far more straightforward if you have a reliable recruiter. If you want to expand your team and are looking for top talent, Premier Staffing Inc. can help. Contact us today.


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