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How to Appeal to Gen Z Applicants

Generation Z is the newest entry into the workforce. The oldest members of this generation are already beyond traditional college age, and more are working their way into workplaces every year.

With so many companies struggling to find solid applicants, finding ways to appeal to Gen Z as an employer is increasingly essential. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are some options worth exploring.

Prioritize Your Culture

Gen Z wants fair pay and benefits but values solid and supportive cultures. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are often priorities for this generation’s members. Additionally, they favor companies with clear values that align with their own.

Spend time cultivating your employer brand and employee experience, ensuring both are well aligned. Make sure to highlight how your culture differentiates your company from competitors, focusing heavily on improving life for employees inside and outside the workplace. By doing so, it’s easier to connect with members of Gen Z, which can lead to tremendous recruitment success.

Embrace Technology

Like Millennials before them, Gen Z is a tech-savvy generation that grew up with various technologies at their fingertips. As a result, they prefer tech-forward companies and often begin evaluating this area during recruitment.

Ideally, you want to spend time modernizing your hiring. Simplify application processes to limit the number of steps and make the experience as mobile-friendly as possible. Secure permission to communicate with candidates using text messaging and social media messengers, as Gen Z candidates often favor those.

Additionally, ensure your recruitment efforts extend into social media platforms that younger workers prefer. For example, highlighting your company’s culture on TikTok could make attracting attention from Gen Z professionals easier.

Generally, Gen Z values security and the potential for longevity when selecting employers. Since those are priorities, showcasing internal opportunities for growth and advancement often resonates with these young professionals.

When you advertise job openings, discuss how the company supports upward mobility. Talk about internal training programs, tuition reimbursement, job shadowing, and available mentorship opportunities. If you have statistics highlighting a dedication to promoting from within, consider sharing those, too.

Seek Out Internal Referrals

Turning to your current Gen Z employees can work wonders when finding quality talent. With referrals, the employee recommending a candidate understands what it takes to thrive in your organization. As a result, they usually only submit candidates that are reasonably strong matches.

Ask your workforce to supply referrals, regardless of your immediate need. Additionally, consider offering bonuses for successful referrals, as that can increase participation.

Are You Looking for Top-Quality Gen Z Talent for Your Open Positions?

Connecting with Gen Z candidates doesn’t have to be a challenge. By partnering with a staffing firm, you can access vetted and engaged talent quickly and efficiently. If you have open jobs to fill, Premier Staffing Inc. can help. Contact us today.


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