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Importance of Company Social Media Presence

Many companies underestimate the power of social media, particularly for purposes outside of advertising products or services. A solid social media presence ultimately works in your organization’s favor. You can leverage it as a potent tool, ensuring you effectively establish your commercial and employer brand, connect easily with candidates, and more.

If you’re wondering why social media is such a critical part of the equation, here’s a look at a few reasons why having a compelling social media presence matters.

Brand Building

Usually, the most apparent benefit of regular and consistent posting on social media is the opportunity to build your company’s brand from a commercial and employer perspective. It’s a platform that lets you highlight more than your offerings. You can showcase your unique value proposition, establish a clear voice, and heighten overall awareness.

In many cases, social media also makes it possible to humanize your company. It creates opportunities for genuine connections based on your unique position, building trust and cultivating authenticity. At times, it even allows you to establish your organization as a thought leader within a space, highlighting innovations and compelling perspectives that differentiate you from competitors.


Social media platforms are inherently for communication. While some companies treat posts as little more than presentations, using a one-sided approach, treating them as platforms for two-way discussions is the better choice. It’s a chance to engage with people intrigued by your brand, answer various questions, and provide guidance or support. Often, that allows your company to manage its reputation more effectively and offer standout experiences that people aren’t finding elsewhere.

Insight Gathering

When your company is active on social media, it often has a chance to gather unique insights into its customer base or potential job candidates. You can learn about their preferences and priorities, allowing you to figure out what your target audience is after. In turn, you can leverage that information to position your company as a solution to its challenges, leading to more engagement, higher sales, and easier recruitment.


Using social media platforms for recruitment has been around for a long time. The most straightforward approach is posting about job openings. However, by working to connect with potential candidates on a deeper level, you can achieve more hiring success.

Focus on providing information candidates view as a clear value-add, such as career advice or interviewing tips. Couple that with information about your company’s culture and employer value proposition, allowing job seekers to see why they should view you as an employer of choice. Finally, engage with candidates whenever possible, answering questions and offering information to help them navigate your process. By doing so, your company looks supportive and appreciative of their interest, both of which work in your favor.

Are You Looking for More Solutions to Streamline Recruitment and Hiring?

While social media is an excellent recruitment tool, using it alone may not alleviate all of your hiring woes. By partnering with a staffing firm, you can tap into a carefully curated pool or vetted talent quickly and efficiently, making it easier to achieve your recruitment goals. If you have open positions, Premier Staffing Inc. can help. Contact us today.

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