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Dress to Impress: Could Your Wardrobe Be Hurting Your Job Chances?

As you prepare for an interview, it’s common to focus primarily on the questions you’ll need to answer or the driving directions to the locations. However, it’s critical not to overlook the clothing you choose to wear.

Your interview outfit plays a big role in the first impression you make on the hiring manager, fundamentally altering how you’re perceived.

Here’s a Look at Why Dressing to Impress is so Vital, as Well as What Not to Wear to a Job Interview.

Why Dressing to Impress Matters

As a candidate, making a positive first impression on the hiring manager is a critical part of interview success. However, the moment a first impression is made often happens far earlier than job seekers expect. Hiring managers begin assessing you the moment they approach you, examining your appearance and drawing conclusions.

By dressing professionally and appropriately, you’re showing that you take the opportunity seriously. Additionally, it’s often interpreted as a sign of respect and that you understand that wearing suitable attire to the workplace is a must. Essentially, your outfit can position you as a conscientious professional who values the hiring manager’s time, and that universally works in your favor.

What Not to Wear to a Job Interview

When you’re selecting interview attire, there are specific clothing items and accessories that it’s best to avoid, even if the work environment is laid back. T-shirts and shorts are generally too casual, so it’s better to go with a blouse or button-up paired with slacks or a work-appropriate skirt instead.

Jeans are also viewed as overly casual in most cases. The same is true of open-toed shoes, even if they’re a bit on the dressy side, as well as sneakers. Again, opting for slacks is better than jeans, and choose somewhat formal close-toed shoes over the alternatives.

Typically, it’s best to avoid any clothing that’s overly tight or noticeably loose. The former can look inappropriate in a work environment, while the latter can come across as sloppy. Focus on attire that fits your body well but provides room to move freely.

Headwear that isn’t religious or cultural is also best avoided, as many hats can seem too casual. Visible undergarments are generally deemed inappropriate in a workplace, so be mindful of straps and avoid sheer tops.

Worn or faded pieces are something you should also be wary of, as they can make you look unkempt. If your attire is looking worse for wear, you’re often better off replacing the piece with something in better condition.

Finally, make sure any clothing you choose isn’t overly wrinkled and is free of stains or tears. If you see wrinkles, iron or steam them out before the interview. With stains or rips, it’s better to choose different attire.

Are You Looking for a New Job Opportunity?

Ultimately, dressing to impress is essential when you’re attending a job interview. However, you first need to secure an invitation to interview to put the guidance above to good use.

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