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New Beginnings: Transform Your Work-Life Balance in the New Year

With 2024 underway, many professionals seek ways to improve and elevate their careers. While that often includes finding positions or opportunities that spur growth and advancement, securing better work-life balance is commonly part of the equation.

Roles that offer stronger upsides when away from work often provide more job satisfaction. Fortunately, there are steps professionals can take to improve their work-life balance in the new year. Here’s how.

Be Realistic About Work-Life Balance

One of the first steps professionals should take is to accept that a “perfect” work-life balance doesn’t generally exist or isn’t readily available in most fields without sacrificing a significant amount of earning potential. Instead, focus on securing reasonable work-life balance within the often unavoidable constraints.

For example, finding a role where busier or higher stress days are offset by ones where workloads are less demanding is broadly considered a win in the world of work-life balance. You’ll have days where your after-work energy is ample, giving you opportunities to take part in personal pursuits more frequently.

Essentially, a realistic picture of work-life balance works in your favor. It can help you appreciate when you secure an appropriate work-life balance, leaving you more satisfied.

Disconnect from Work Whenever Possible

Unless remaining connected to a work phone or office email outside of regular business hours is an explicit requirement for your job, disconnect whenever possible. Incoming emails and messages during your off-time are highly disruptive and can increase stress related to your position. Plus, they can distract you from your obligations, making them harder to manage.

If you’re unsure whether disconnecting is an option, speak with your manager regarding expectations. Work to find suitable boundaries that ensure professional obligations are met while giving you chances to fully unplug.

Use Your Paid Time Off

Paid time off is a benefit many employers offer, and it’s excellent for supporting work-life balance. Whether you need to run an important errand during traditional work hours or simply need a break, leverage your vacation time to make it happen.

If you’re concerned about backlogs upon your return, then use a proactive approach before your time away. Handle critical tasks beforehand and ensure a colleague can address potential unexpected events in your absence. By doing so, you can remove a lot of unnecessary stress from the equation.

Find a New Job That Offers Work-Life Balance

In some cases, work-life balance is hard to achieve because not all employers support their workforce as much as others. If you’re unable to get a suitable work-life balance due to cumbersome after-hours expectations, challenges getting vacation time approved, or other issues, finding a new job is potentially your best option.

Fortunately, there are many employers that prioritize work-life balance for their staff. Plus, they may offer other competitive advantages, such as higher wages, more chances to learn and grow, and better benefits.

Premier Staffing Inc. wants to hear from you if you’re ready to find a new job that offers exceptional work-life balance. Contact us today to learn more about our current opportunities.

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