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First Impressions Matter: Strategies for Fostering Connections with New Hires on Day 1

Bringing new talent into the mix is as exciting for managers as it is for the incoming employees. Often, both share a common goal: ensuring the new hire brings ample value to the organization in the shortest time possible. One essential part of that equation is helping the recent hire feel comfortable in their role and the environment.

Often, fostering connections between incoming talent and their new managers and colleagues is a critical factor in the success equation. Fortunately, there are steps managers can take to expedite that process. Here are a few strategies that can help managers form relationships with new hires quickly.

Have Open Conversations About Expectations

One area that often causes new hires stress when starting in a new position is uncertainty regarding how success is measured in their new workplace. Generally, this is a pretty straightforward issue to address.

By having open and honest conversations about expectations, managers can provide crucial clarity. Let incoming employees know what tasks are going to be on their plates initially, as well as how additional duties are added. Inform them of any key metrics used when assessing their performance, as well as the general timeline for when they’re expected to hit specific targets (giving ample room for any necessary and expected growth).

This approach removes a lot of the ambiguity that comes with a new role. As a result, it can provide incoming employees with a sense of comfort as they understand how their performance is judged.

Talk About the Role’s Significance

Most professionals crave meaningful work, as knowing their efforts contribute to something greater can give them a sense of pride. Plus, understanding how they’re supporting their colleagues, the organization, the company’s customers, and the broader community can serve as sourcing of motivation. Together, that helps them connect with their position on a deeper level.

When a new hire begins their first day, managers should discuss the significance of the role they’re filling. Help them see how the job supports more than the company’s profitability, including how it helps other team members and the position’s manager. Ideally, managers should also express their appreciation for what the new talent will ultimately provide them and the organization. By doing so, that strengthens the employee’s connection with their new boss and the company, leading to a better relationship.

Find Out the Best Way to Provide Support and Feedback

Every employee has unique preferences regarding how they receive support and feedback from their manager. By having a discussion focused on which strategies work best for the new hire, it makes the unfamiliar environment feel more comfortable to new talent. The employee understands that the manager wants to find ways to help them succeed and is willing to adapt to their preferences. Often, this is interpreted as a sign of caring and empathy, which can help boost the relationship.

Ultimately, all of the tips above can help managers make a positive impression and foster stronger connections with new hires. If you’d like to learn more or want to partner with skilled recruiters to fill vacant positions efficiently, Premier Staffing Inc. wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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