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How to Make the Most of Summer While Working at the Office

When summer arrives, many professionals look outside and envision spending the warm days out in the fresh air. As a result, being stuck at the office is often incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, even if you can’t take a vacation, there are still things you can do to make the most of the summer while working at the office.

Here Are Some Simple Options to Get You Started:

Head Outside for Breaks and Lunches

One of the easiest ways to enjoy a bit of the summer weather is to take your work breaks and lunch outside. For your breaks, consider taking a stroll near a green space, allowing you to take in some nature while you spend time in the sunshine. For lunch, find a picnic table or similar options to help you stay comfortable while you enjoy your meal.

If getting outside isn’t an option, head to a nearby window, preferably one that overlooks a green space. That at least exposes you to some sun, and you get to look at nature, which can give you a bit of a boost.

Take Meetings Outside

Similar to the point above, choosing an outdoor location for meetings can give everyone a chance to spend more time outdoors this summer. Alternatively, you can go with walking meetings, letting you incorporate some light exercise into the mix, too. Both allow everyone to remain productive, so they’re worth exploring any time you don’t need projectors or similar items to cover the topic.

Make Your Workstation Summery

Giving your workspace a bit of summertime flare can help you bring some of the season indoors. Introduce bright, tropical colors in your office supplies, update your screensavers to a beach scene, and bring in a summer-themed knickknack or two to brighten up the space.

Another critical step is to make sure your workspace is well-lit. Opening curtains to let in sunshine works well, but you can also get lights that mimic the sun, allowing you to illuminate darker spaces without the lighting feeling too artificial.

Adjust Your Schedule for Summer

If your manager is open to a flexible schedule, consider adjusting your work hours to make it easier to enjoy the summer. For example, working four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days gives you three days off every week, giving you more time to spend doing summer activities. If that isn’t an option, see if you can start your workday an hour earlier, allowing you to take advantage of the afternoon sun with greater ease.

Shifting to a work-from-home arrangement could also work well. With that, you may be able to set up a workstation outside in your yard or on a balcony. Then, you can appreciate the beauty of the season while remaining productive.

Do You Need a New Job This Summer?

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